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June 21 through September 22 - 1000 pages (plus endnotes). A lot of peer pressure. We're in.
Riding the coattails of http://www.infinitesummer.org we created this LiveJournal community for those of us who were already here. So not trying to steal their thunder.

Infinite Summer is what started it all.

Here is the Facebook page

This is where the official forums are located.

If you go and read this post, you can see all of the other places and spaces people have created for this wonderful proposition.

This is the Twitter Home and #infsum is the hashtag.

InfiniteTumblr is the Tumblr.

bibliogrrl and grrillaesthete are your humble maintainers.

You can find both of us on Twitter at those same user names.

If you think the bio or anything sucks - complain to bibliogrrl

This is a work in progress.

ALSO! A couple of rules:

*Please don't delete any postings or comments. Common internet courtesy here, people. We will run under the assumption we are all adults.

*Really, the only reason we have moderated membership is so that we have a minimum of spambots. You want in, you're in. Simple as that.

So, we've decided that a weekly structure that follows the proposed reading of IJ by http://infinitesummer.org/ would be most useful and facilitate the greatest amount of discussion. This will also allow us personally, and hopefully you, to keep track of where you SHOULD be and measure your progress accordingly.

However, we realize that not everyone reads at the same rate, and it's not really fair to those who are faster, slower, or have specific questions to be denied the opportunity to contribute. Because of this, posting will be open to anyone who has any questions or comments, or would like to discuss anything in more detail. Kindly put anything that might be spoilery behind a cut, or make an elaborate code that requires secret rings to unlock. We're thinking a cut will be easier. You can also tag it with the "spoiler" tag, to be extra sure. Generally, play nicely and don't start drama/flame wars/hate speech/general asshattery. We don't mind OT stuff either, as long as it's not extra ranty or spammy; there are several communities of your choice for that, and we'd be happy to direct you in that direction.

In that vein, once a week, we'll have a theme post, which will be an "extra assignment" for the week. These could be a wide variety of things, recipes, music, pictures that remind you of what you've been reading, or art, writing, or photos you've taken that are inspired by IJ. We're open for suggestions for this too; maybe our first theme will be "other possible themes." These are of course optional, but highly encouraged.

Above all, this comm is supposed to be fun. It's summer after all, and even though you've taken on a weighty tome, it's full of humor, so let's enjoy it.

A couple other notes: On the off chance there IS drama, you are welcome to private message us through LJ or Twitter if you have something of pressing concern to discuss with us. Lastly, as grrillaesthete says: the party/event/community is only as good as its members want it to be. This is your community too, so please feel free to make suggestions and tell us what you want. Whether or not we listen is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT kettle of fish, but we'll try!

***LOOK! A Map!: MyMaps at MapBuilder.net

**Watch This Space** There will probably be prizes if you finish the book (SASE Natch), so play nice, and have fun!