larivee22 (larivee22) wrote in infsum,

I finished Infinite Jest while sitting in my car before my shift started today. 

I don't know how I feel about it -- did the book have a Finnegan's Wake-like ending to anyone but me?  (Or maybe Finnegan's Wake is imprecise -- it is a book that I've tried to read all the way through but have only succeded in reading in random bursts, it just feels like the book ended in the beginning, and the end is actually a middle.) 

It's a wonderfully entertaining and humane book for a book based on a premise that seems soley spawned from Wallace's theories on postmodern literary theory.  (As delineated in that essay in A Curiously Fun Thing....) His characters hurt over concrete problems, they're funny, they're nuanced, the world they're based in is a recognizable, non sterotypical, and authentic Boston.

My one nitpick is that the guy in Cheers is named Norm, not Nom.  This is annoying because the way Wallace writes it in the text seems to make it more an error than an attempt to write Gatley's accent.

I feel oddly empty now that I'm finished, but as it was getting so that I couldn't put the book down without deep feelings of regret and addiction, it's probably good I'm done.


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