larivee22 (larivee22) wrote in infsum,

I live in the Boston area and I'm fascinated by David Foster Wallace's depiction of Boston.  It's reasonably accurate, even if it is located in a future where the Combat Zone still exists in some form. (His descriptions of Comm Ave and a few adjecent areas are anachronisms even by 1996 standards.)  It is also quite affectionate, which is odd considering that being out in Western Mass as a freshman in college seemed to throw him into a culture shock that fueled his first significant breakdown. 

I'm up to page 227, and I've noticed there's a lot of parallels between Wallace's depictions of the tennis academy and the drug treatment center, I wonder if that will be developed.  My boyfriend has started reading Infinite Jest, and as he read a few sections out loud last night, I picked up on a theme I'd been ignoring: the misuse and exploitation of Hal at the tennis academy.  Is this the misuse that prompts so many of Hal's communication problems, or are those caused by the drugs, or is it a mixture of things?
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